Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Buy vs Rent:Long Time Renter Takes The Plunge

From a recent client discussion:

"The case for renting has been simple enough. House prices rose so high in the first half of this decade that you could often get more for your money by renting. You could also avoid having a large part of your net worth tied up in a speculative bubble. All this time, I have been a renter myself, ... [but] the housing market has, obviously, changed quite a bit since our last move, in 2005....This month, we found a house that we really liked, and we made an offer. It was accepted.I’m still not sure how good our timing was. Based on the backlog of houses on the market, I fully expect that our new house will be worth less in six months than it is today. ...In fact, if you’re now renting - almost anywhere - and do not need to move, I’d probably recommend that you wait to buy. The market is still coming your way. But it’s O.K. with me if our timing wasn’t perfect.
Leonhardt isn't buying for appreciation, and he realizes the price will probably still decline further. He is buying because prices have fallen enough that the intangibles of homeownership (as he and his wife value them) outweigh the extra costs of owning a home compared to renting."

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Home Watcher Raj said...

There's little question that the market has been leaning the renters way for some time now, but I think that time is beginning to run out. The last couple of months have seen slight drops in inventory, if they continue home prices should begin to move up as well. Long Story Short, this may be the bottom.