Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Biggest Bond Fund Manager Sees Higher Rates in 2010

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Round About Related Piece

I often want to ask older family members and esteemed members of my local 'society', "What the hell happened to the place?" What I mean is the American Empire. Read Niall Ferguson if you think otherwise. I am of an age that I am embarking on the timeless process of starting a family. My dear mom gave me the best Christmas present ever (ok, the bigwheel was cool...but it broke)

by giving via CD from Costco pictures from the family archive section of the late 70's and early 80's formally in 35mm slide format. Dad meant well but he could have never known slides degrade. ...

Anyhow, I digress, the pictures stirred up a lot of feelings and thoughts about living in this age vs my parent's glory days. Dad/Mom lived and made a family in a simpler time in my opinion. It really seems that things have fallen apart in this nation. What would Dad say? I am sure he would be pissed on a variety of topics.

The picture below is from the 30's but my Aunt(2nd mom) could take a similar picture today as she volunteers at a food bank in San Diego

Things are horrible for a lot of people. Healthcare for all US Citizens is in the bag but tens of millions don't have food tonight. 4m homes foreclosed this year. Another 4-5m expected 2010. We owe 13 Trillion via the US Treasury. Up 5T in 3 years. 10%+ unemployment..... on and on. Somebody wise/powerful warned us. Our 34th president gave an excellent farewell address warning us of some of the troubles we are in today

Too much and too little to say after this video. But I leave you with a happy picture

God bless you and all of humanity. Do something good today.