Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Where will mortgage rates be in the coming years?

I often get this question from clients. Luckily, we just hired a mystic to forecast the mortgage interest rate climate for you. Previously, he worked for the local news in the weather department. So you know he must be rock solid with his forecasts. Seriously, no one knows. But, you can make an educated guess as to the overall direction. I would venture to say that mortgage rates and interest rates in general will be higher in the coming years. We are coming out of a period of Fed rates not seen since the 50's. Global investors are very unhappy with the falling dollar. This destroys their USD based returns. We have exported a large amount of debt both public and private. We saw the ten year reach 4.50% range recently which would usually have jumbo mortgages around 6.25% and conventional mortgages in the 5.75% range. This didn't happen as I believe investors/banks see a lot more risk in mortgage paper and will demand higher rates for the risk that has exploded in the last year. The weak dollar and the mortgage risk repricing makes me believe that rates will drift higher in the coming years.

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