Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Signed mortgage. Conditions meet. Sorry can't fund!

I received this item just now. Really points to a mortgage market meltdown. This is from a large national mortgage wholesaler that only does prime and a small amount of alt-a paper. This implies that a borrower could meet all conditions, sign the loan, it moves past rescission(client cancelation period) and is ready to close/fund; then suddenly a Wall St bank like Bear Streans or Goldman Sachs would inform the mortgage banker that the loan was unsaleable in the current market. The loan would be turned down. This points to very bad conditions in the secondary mortgage market where everything is packaged and resold to investors. Lending depends on confidence in both parties to deliver on their promises, should loans get turned down in funding; realtors/lenders/borrowers will move from mild concern to panic.

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