Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bank of America Helps Rival Countrywide.

Countrywide and BOA are competitors across a variety of business segments. It came as a surprise to the markets that Bank of America had agreed to buy $2b dollars worth of Countrywide preferred stock. Countrywide shares rose sharply in afterhours trading, the perception is that this is the start of a move to merge the companies together. Bank of America is not a star in terms of mortgage origination. Countrywide needs a source of cheap funds and BOA has an enormous pool of savings and CD account money to tap into. On the surface it looks like a great merger. But, I think the real issue of concern is that Countrywide is going around Wall St with cap in hand to raise any money that is available. As of now the terms of the preferred stock deal are not known but this wasn't cheap money so it makes you wonder if the giant Countrywide is going to fall into another banks arms or just fall apart. Heard any news, rumors about Countrywide? Post a comment.


Westside Bubble said...

Did you see Market Ticker's take today on BofA/Countrywide?

Anonymous said...

Not in the way I'm looking.

By the way, any interest in homes?