Thursday, April 19, 2007

It's only in subprime it won't impact us!

Really? Rewind to basic Econ 101. Remember supply and demand. We know that when supply overwhelms demand that prices fall. With all this supple on the market where is the demand going to magically come from to prevent prices from dropping. One hundred percent financing for most credit levels is gone entirely. Average credit level buyers are being required to put at least 5-10% down with most lenders. Six months ago if you had a pulse you could get 100% financing. Millions of potential home buyers(greater fools in some markets) are completely out of the game. My honest take is that we will see prices in some hot markets drop 20-30% from their peak over the next 2-3 years. Realise it is a slow inefficient market that takes time to adjust back to reality. With all this gloom and doom comes a ray of hope for the future buyers that can finally get a home at a reasonable price again. Just wait till 2010 to buy that condo in Vegas, OK?

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